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Grenada Sailing Festival 2012 Sailing Instructions

Download and print the Sailing Instructions as a pdf-file!


1.1. The regatta will be governed by the Rules as defined by the ISAF Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS), the 2011 CSA Rules, 2011 IRC Rules and the J-24 Class Declarations and Amendments, except where any of these are changed by the Sailing Instructions and Addenda.

1.2. Safety Rules.

1.2.1. All boats shall comply with CSA minimum safety requirements. The R/C may conduct spot checks during the regatta. Any boat found to be deficient may be protested, and disqualified from one or more races, or given such other penalty that the Jury decides.

1.2.2. Anchors shall not be carried over the bow or stern while racing.

1.2.3 Bow numbers supplied to the Charter Class shall be displayed on the Starboard bow. Violation of this instruction is not protestable by competitors.

2. Notices to Competitors

2.1. Notices to competitors will be posted on the Official Notice Board located at the Grenada Sailing Festival Race Headquarters at Camper and Nicholson’s Port Louis Marina.

2.2. Changes to the Sailing Instructions will be posted by 0800 on the day they will take effect. Any change in the schedule of races or change of courses to be sailed will be posted by 2000 on the day before it will take effect.

2.3. Signals ashore will be flown from a flagpole at race headquarters.

2.4. The R/C will be operating on VHF Channel 11. As a courtesy, the R/C may broadcast an announcement of any changes to the Sailing Instructions that have been posted, an official time check, the courses to be sailed, and other non-prejudicial information to competitors on this channel. The R/C is not required to acknowledge any radio transmission except in the case of an emergency, and is not required to enter into dialogue with competitors.


3.1. The starting area, racing areas, course descriptions and course marks are designated in the Course Diagrams and Addenda.

3.2. The written course description shall govern over the course diagram. Posted mark positions are approximate and their locations shall not be grounds for redress.

3.3. All course marks shown on the course diagrams will be orange tetrahedrons.  Any writing or other marking on the marks shall be disregarded.


4.1.The courses to be sailed by the various Classes for each race will be posted on Starboard side of the R/C boat prior to their Warning Signal and may be broadcast on Chanel 11.

4.2. The Starting Line for Round the Island Race (if so advised) and the Pursuit Race will be as given in Addendum 1. The Starting Line for all other races will be between the staff holding the Orange Flag/Shape on the R/C boat and the nearby YELLOW mark.

4.3. A Standoff Mark or float may be trailed off the stern of the R/C boat. No boat shall pass between the mark and the R/C boat or touch the mark at any time. For the purposes of RRS 31 any such mark or float is part of the R/C boat.

4.4. Races will be started as per RRS 26 with the Start Signal 5 minutes after the Warning. Class flags will be as given in Addendum 1.

4.5 For the first race of the day, Classes will be started in the order given in Addendum 1, which will also specify the time of the Warning signal for the first class to start and any classes to be started together. (GIVEN IN 4.1)

4.6 Class start times, order of starts and courses to be sailed for any additional races on that day will be at the discretion of the R/C. An attention signal may be made 1 minute prior to the Class warning signal, the Class or Classes to start and their course will be posted and courtesy information may also be broadcast.

4.7. Boats whose warning signal has not been made shall keep clear of the starting area and Official R/C boats.  AFTER THE FIRST START, CLASSES MAY BE STARTING AND FINISHING AT THE SAME TIME. PLEASE CONSIDER OTHER BOATS THAT ARE RACING AND USE CAUTION.


5.1. The finish line will be between a staff displaying an Red  flag or shape on an R/C boat and the nearby RED mark. The finish line will be on the side of the R/C boat opposite the start line.    AFTER THE FIRST START, CLASSES MAY BE STARTING AND FINISHING AT THE SAME TIME. PLEASE CONSIDER OTHER BOATS THAT ARE RACING AND USE CAUTION.

5.2. “Numeral Pennant #1” displayed (no sound signal) by the race committee finish boat while boats are finishing indicates that another race will be sailed.


6.1. Boats are given the option of either taking a One-Turn Penalty or Scoring Penalty (RRS 44.3) for breaking a rule of Part 2 of the RRS. This amends RRS 44.1.

6.2. RRS 44.3(a) is changed to allow either a Yellow Flag or an "I" flag. RRS 44.3(b) is modified require all boats that have taken a Scoring Penalty in accordance with RRS 44.3 to submit a written declaration on a form at the protest desk at race headquarters prior to the end of protest time. Submitting this written declaration shall satisfy the requirement of RRS 44.3(b) to inform the R/C at the finishing line. The penalty of RRS 44.3(c) shall not be less than 2 places.

6.3. RRS 44.3(c) is modified such that a protested yacht that acknowledges breaking a rule of RRS Part 2 before the protest hearing and does not meet all of the requirements of RRS 44.3 shall receive a penalty of 30% but not less than 3 places.

6.4 Penalties for Rule infringements other than those of RRS Part 2 are at the discretion of the Jury.


7.1. Boats retiring from racing are requested to notify the R/C by VHF on the designated channel or, failing this, they should notify the Race Office immediately upon reaching shore.


8.1. All protests will be heard at race headquarters as soon as possible after filing. Protest/Redress forms are available at the protest desk at Race Headquarters. Completed forms shall be delivered to the protest desk as soon as possible but not later than the protest time limit which is 90 minutes after the R/C Signal Boat docks. The protest time limit, a list of all boats penalized by the R/C and all protest reports received will be posted on the Official Notice Board.

8.2. It is strongly recommended that protesting boats notify and receive acknowledgement from the R/C boat at the finish line of their intention to protest and the identity of the boat being protested either orally or on the designated VHF Channel.

8.3. The R/C boat may broadcast the names of boats protesting and being protested upon receipt and from time to time on the designated VHF channel. The time of protest hearings and a list of protested boats will be posted on the Official Notice Board located at Race Headquarters by the expiry of protest time. This constitutes notification as required by RRS 63.2.

8.4. An International Jury may be appointed in accordance with rule 91(b) and Appendix N. Decisions of the International Jury will be final in accordance with rule 70.5.


9.1. The Low Point Scoring System of Appendix A of the RRS will apply except as modified below.

9.2. One Design Classes sailing on the separate One Design Course are scheduled to have at least 12 races. More races may be run at the discretion of the RC. One race must be completed to constitute a series. One race score will be excluded for each 5 races sailed by boats racing on this Race Course.  This changes RRS A2.

9.3 For all classes not sailing on the One Design Course 7 races are scheduled. Each boat’s series score will be the total of all her race scores, excluding the Pursuit Race. This changes RRS A2.


All boats shall be afloat before the first Warning Signal on the first day of racing and shall not be hauled out during the regatta except in an emergency or with the permission of the Jury.

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