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Full Results as follows:

Community Class Racing:

Gouyave Sloop
1. Classic - Skipper Ted Richards
2. Voop - Skipper Shevon Sampson
3. Riot Act - Skipper Lennon Marshall

Gouyave Canoe
1. Ah Doh Know - Skipper Kimon Charles
2. Etieron - Skipper Devon Edwards

1. The Flying Dutchman - Skipper Hughie McIntosh
2. No Retreat No Surrender - Skipper Chris Jeremiah
3. Climate Change - Skipper Heron Richardons

Woburn Sport
1. Press Play - Skipper Shankeil Gibbs
2. Loose Cannon - Skipper Adian Bethel
3. Trouble - Skipper Allan Noel

Match Race Finals - raced in the Grenada Sailing Festival's own fleet of workboats - the GSF16s:
One Crew is nominated by each Racing Community to represent them in the National team Sailing Finals:

National Team Sailing - Junior - Sponsored by Budget Marine
1. Team Gouyave - sailing in Mr X
2. Team Woburn - sailing in Tomorrow's Worry

(NB: This year Sauteurs Racing Community did not have enough sailors 18 years or under to enter a Team)

National Team Sailing - Senior - Sponsored by Carib
1. Team Gouyave - sailing in Mr X
2. Team Woburn - sailing in Tomorrow's Worry
3. Team Sauteurs - sailing in Gybe Talk

Westerhall White Jack 'Champion of Champions' Match Race Final Final
The Skipper & crew from the winning boat in each of the Community Racing Classes qualify to enter a Match Race Final in the GSF16 workboats to find the 'Champion of Champions'

2019 'Champion of Champions':
Winner: Gouyave - with a crew from Ah Doh Know (winner of Gouyave Canoe Class) sailing GSF16 Pink Gin - Skipper Kimon Charles - winning US$1,000.00 & boat owner winning a Yamaha outboard engine from McIntyre Brothers
Second: Woburn - with a crew from Press Play (winner of Woburn Sport Class) sailing GSF16 Tomorrow's Worry - Skipper Shankeil Gibbs - winning US$500.00
Third: Gouyave - with a crew from Classic (winner of Gouyave Sloop Class) - Skipper Ted Richards - winning US$250.00

Budget Marine Junior Dinghy Racing
1.Keagan Bedeau
2.Tavell Bernadine
3.Nicolai Collins

Other Participants: Jerel Brathwaite; Tchidi William; CJ; Makhya Brathwaite; Dwaynille Henry

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